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People with dementia can often feel anxious, depressed and confused. The more everyone in their life understands what they are going through the better we can help them to maintain, improve, or regain their mental well-being. Our expert team is more than used to working with those suffering from dementia and making their lives easier and more comfortable.

What we offer your loved one

We understand the challenges that people living with dementia face, and the pressures on the family that this can cause.

We will work with you to develop a personalised dementia home care plan that meets the needs of your loved one. Our well-trained care workers understand the needs of people with dementia and provide high quality care that helps them to stay independent.

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Our dementia home care plans take into account what's most important for people suffering from dementia, including:

  • Continuity of care
  • Support with memory and mental stimulation
  • Regular, nutritious meals
  • Help with shopping and cleaning
  • Tailored care to help your loved one stay at home, close to family and friends

Contact us to learn more about 30 minute dementia home care visits

30 minute dementia home care visits

30 minute dementia home care visits

During these short visits we'll make sure your loved one has everything they need for the day, based on their personalised dementia home care plan. We'll check that they are safe and well, and that they have plenty of food and drink available. Our trained staff can also help with administering medication. We will also ensure that any pets have been fed. Before we leave we will make sure they are set for the day and leave the house safe and secure.

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60 minute dementia home care visits

60 minute dementia home care visits

These longer visits allow us to provide more support according to your loved one's personalised dementia home care plan. We can support with getting up in the morning and personal care such as showering and dressing. We can prepare them breakfast, snacks and drinks for the day. Our trained staff can also help with administering medication. Where required we can help with domestic tasks such as cleaning, laundry and tidying. We'll always leave the house safe and secure.

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Outcomes for our dementia home care clients

Outcomes for our dementia home care clients

We provide a wide range of support for our dementia clients that helps them to live independently in their own home and supports their memory and cognitive abilities.

  • Trips out, walks in the park and other activities.
  • Transport to doctor's or hospital appointments.
  • Cleaning, laundry and other household chores.
  • Help to remember key events and appointments.
  • Conversation and companionship.

Case Studies

Our trained care workers support a wide range of clients with dementia. We understand that every person with dementia has specific needs and tailor our care to suit them. Read some case studies from our customers to see how we have helped them.

An individual care plan for Mr & Mrs D

Mr & Mrs D live in a large house filled with beautiful memorabilia from their careers.

Their daughter lives in another part of the country and is unable to visit regularly. The help her parents receive from Burleys Home Care is a big weight off her mind.

Mr & Mrs D both have dementia. This meant that they found it difficult to accept support from Burley’s Home Care at first. However, our staff have a great deal of experience of working with dementia patients. By ensuring consistency of staff and understanding their needs, Mr & Mrs D got to know who we were and accepted support from their carers.

The home care visits began at tea time to provide support with medication and to give them companionship. This later increased to twice daily, with an additional call in the morning to support Mr D with personal care.

The care we provide is constantly reviewed to suit the needs of our service users. We can always change the care plan to accommodate their changing requirements and best meet their needs.

Burley’s Home Care stay in regular contact with the daughter of Mr & Mrs D, who is reassured that her parents are cared for at the highest standard.

Helping Mrs D to stay independent

Mrs D is an elderly lady with dementia, who lives on her own in her own home.

Physically, Mrs D is very able. She can safely walk around her home and doesn’t have difficulty using stairs.

Staff from Burley’s Home Care visit her twice a day to help with personal care and medication. They make her breakfast in the morning visit again at tea time to make her something to eat and assist her with medication. Our staff will always check to make sure Mrs D has everything she needs before they leave.

The Burley’s carers have a very good relationship with the district nurse team, who will visit Mrs D if there are any health concerns.

Mrs D has been supported by Burleys for 2 ½ years. Her son lives some distance away, so it is reassuring for him to know that his mum is being looked after by Burley’s Home Care.

Providing companionship and care to Mr S

Mr S lives in an upstairs flat. He’d been on his own since the death of his wife some years ago.

Carers from Burley’s Home Care visit Mr S at home every day around lunch time. The carers will check to make sure that Mr S has taken his medication, which he manages himself. Mr S has ‘meals on wheels’ at lunch time, but during the visit carers will prepare him some tea and do household chores.

Companionship is an important part of the service that Burley’s provide. Mr S’s family work during the day, so it helps them to feel at ease to know that their dad has company each day.

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Burley’s provide my dad with the care he needs to stay independent.It’s comforting to know that someone is on hand while he gets ready in the morning in case he slips in the shower or needs help dressing.

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