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“Sandwich carers” under pressure to care for elderly parents and children

“Sandwich carers” make up 1.25 million people in the UK and are individuals who care for both their children and an elderly relative. 

Why it’s important to look after your own health as a carer

Caring for a relative can become a full-time job, however, looking after your own health is incredibly important for both your own sake and your loved one.

Is live in care more cost-effective than a care home?

Live in care is often a much more affordable option in comparison to a care home when it comes to choosing a viable care option for yourself or a loved one. 

NHS to start new smart meter trial to monitor dementia symptoms

The NHS are poised to begin a trial of new smart meters for dementia patients that can track daily routines and send alerts to family or carers should their health deteriorate. However, the new technology has raised some concerns regarding privacy and data sharing and the fact that it if this data falls into the wrong hands, more vulnerable people could be taken advantage of.

5 Tips for Beating the January Blues

Many elderly people experience feelings of depression and limitation during the winter months. Our friendly team has some top tips for combatting the winter blues.

Could new ‘smart homes’ scheme help reduce loneliness in the elderly?

£400,000 has been awarded to a scheme looking to create a series of smart homes, to demonstrate the benefit of technology in tackling loneliness in the elderly and disabled.

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