Assisted Living at Home

Help your loved one to get the support they need, without the hassle of moving into an unfamiliar complex.

Our award-winning assisted living services allow you to do just this. With our compassionate and fully trained carers’ help, your loved one will be able to maintain their independence in the comfort of their own home surrounded by their own belongings. They’ll also be able to stay a part of their own community filled with familiar faces, places and memories.

Assisted living complexes come with many of the same advantages of home care, but in order to benefit from them your loved one will need to move out of their current home and buy or rent a property in an unfamiliar community. Spare you and your loved one the worry and strain of the long-winded and expensive process of moving home by choosing Burley’s Assisted Living at Home. 

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assisted living at home

Personalised Assisted Living care plans

Through the provision of the correct level of assisted care, everyday tasks such as washing, dressing, cooking, toileting and taking medication can be completed to enable your loved one to remain in their own home.

The level of care your loved one receives will depend entirely on their requirements and preferences. During your free initial consultation, we will discuss the needs of the individual so  we can fully understand exactly what it is they require from us in order to continue living a happy, comfortable and fulfilling life.

The information gathered is used to establish a personalised Assisted Living care plan which is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure any changing needs are continually met.

We will also assign your loved one with a personal, fully trained carer so you know that every time they open the door a familiar, friendly face will be smiling behind it. This process ensures your carer understands their unique needs and can provide the right level of care to create a safe, relaxed and comfortable environment for everyone.

Award-winning Assisted Living at Home Services

Burley’s Home Care have been named among the Top 20 most recommended Home Care Groups in the UK for the last 3 years by the independent and reputable website The award is based on the reviews of current and past clients which makes it even more of an achievement.

The Care Quality Commission has rated us as Good in all five areas (safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led) so you can rest assured knowing your loved one is being looked after by a professional team of compassionate carers who have their best interest at heart.

Assisted living at home service