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If you’re feeling lonely, we’re here to help

We can all feel lonely at times, but that feeling is not something that should become part of your daily life.

A vital part of how we support our clients is through befriending, providing conversation, companionship and a warm smile to brighten your day.

Find out how our befriending service could make a difference to your loved ones life and reduce the time they spend isolated. Just call our friendly team on 01425 470411.

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Befriending services

Is a befriending service suitable for me?

Befriending is simply being there for someone, and it’s a part of our business that we absolutely love.

Befriending goes beyond the tasks you might like some help with and is about being there for you as a person, as a friend.

Human connection and friendship is important for our general wellbeing, so whether you are looking for someone to take you out to social activities, join you in doing your shopping, sit for a cup of tea and a chat or accompany you to appointments, we’d love to be there for you.

What are the benefits of a befriending service?

Having regular contact or visits from someone can make a big difference to your day and how you feel, and over time can help improve your confidence and sense of independence, too.

Befriending services allow you to remain active, going out to enjoy your hobbies or simply to go to the shops, garden centre or to a café. You have the opportunity to find companionship and conversation, and the reassurance that there is always someone there if you need them.

Perhaps you love to read, play board games, watch your favourite TV shows or to go out for a coffee now and again, the beauty of our befriending service is that you have control. We want you to have a choice over your routine and the activities you do, so you will have a care plan that is written with you, so we can understand what you enjoy and meet your expectations.

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The Burley’s approach

We know that arranging any type of care is a big decision that can be worrying, and you may have lots of questions. Our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to provide you with information and advice so that you can make the right choice for you and your loved ones.

Our years of knowledge and experience are what makes the difference for our clients. Sometimes you need a helping hand from people you can trust to ensure can stay safe and well looked after in your own home.

At Burley’s, many of us have personal experience of caring for our own relatives, and we are passionate about providing high quality care services for every client we see.

For more information on our befriending service, or advice on what’s best for you, call our friendly team on 0345 5120022.

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