Burley’s Respite Care At Home Service

Caring for a loved one is a rewarding experience, but sometimes it becomes necessary to take a short break, and this is where our respite care at home service comes in.

We find there are often a number of reasons why someone will choose our respite care service. As a carer, you may need to take a little time out to rest, refresh your energy, and look after yourself. Sometimes the carer is simply unwell themselves and needs to recuperate or stay away to protect their loved one.

In some circumstances, the time away afforded by respite care helps the carers to understand and learn more about changes that their loved one or client might be going through. This is especially true when dementia is diagnosed because it can have a profound effect on behaviour and personality. Occasionally it also allows carers and loved ones to see how the experience suits them before committing to a permanent rest home.

Whatever your reasons for looking into respite care at home, we’d be happy to listen to your thoughts and offer some guidance.

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Choosing Respite Care

It’s not always the carer who opts for respite care. Sometimes their loved ones or client chooses to have a temporary change or a break from their daily routines. Respite care can give the individual the opportunity to experience different routines and meet new people.

In all cases, respite care can help a carer to not feel overwhelmed by their challenges and responsibilities, ensuring their loved one or client continues to receive all the support they need.

Flexible Respite Care At Home

Our respite care services are flexible and matched to your patient or loved one’s needs, whether they require help for a few hours, a day or a couple of times a week. Our carers can either spend time with the individual in the comfort of their own home or accompany them out to the shops or any appropriate places they would like to visit.

Our experienced staff offer the highest quality care and can be relied upon to offer the support, compassion and companionship needed, giving you and your loved one the peace of mind that is so important when choosing respite care.

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