Caring for the Caregiver: Why You Need to Take a Breather

Caregivers like you are unsung heroes, dedicating themselves to the well-being of their loved ones. While the selflessness of all caregivers is commendable, it’s crucial that we talk about something that often gets swept under the rug – caregiver burnout.  What’s Caregiver Burnout? Imagine running a marathon but never getting a chance to rest or […]

What Makes a Good Life for Older Individuals? | Burleys Home Care

Christmas can be a difficult time for many people, not everyone has a full social calendar and visitors in and out over the festive period. We all know that January can feel like the longest month ever, forget 4 weeks to pay day it feels more like 12 and the damp, dark days don’t give […]

Tips to Manage Stress While Caring for Elderly Parents

In home respite care

One of the questions we ask our applicants at interview is how they manage stress. We all show our stress in different ways, not sleeping, irritability, perhaps drinking more than usual and we all de-stress differently.  Some people like to exercise, others a hot bath and a book some a wind down with a glass […]

Why Choosing Live-In Care is the Best Choice for Your Loved Ones

Introduction When it comes to ensuring the well-being, safety and happiness of our elderly loved ones, the decision between live-in care and a care home is significant. Live-in care is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for many families due to its unique advantages that prioritise comfort, encourage independence, and provide 1-1, personalised care. I have […]

New BBC Radio Series on Dementia: Unexpected Stories of the Mind

Introduction  Dementia is a chronic, progressive illness that affects millions of people worldwide. In the United Kingdom alone, over 850,000 people live with dementia. The condition can be overwhelming, not just for those with the illness, but also for their loved ones and caregivers. Fortunately, new research studies and innovative programs are constantly emerging to […]

Signs that your elderly parent may need home care

Home carer with loved one

Getting older is a fact of life and one that most of us can enjoy. However, health conditions can crop up or general old age might take its toll, meaning that they need a little bit more assistance to complete their daily activities. Yet, it isn’t uncommon for our parents to hide that they need […]

How to keep your loved one mobile at home. Advice from Burley’s Home Care

Keeping mobile as you age

From staying independent to maintaining physical health, staying mobile and active has many benefits, which is why it is so important as you age. But as they age, your loved one might find it harder to stay mobile as they start to lose muscle strength, energy and motivation to move. So here are a few […]

Activities to improve memory: Advice from a Dorset Home Care Agency

Activities to help improve your memory

As you age, your mental well being is just as important as your physical wellbeing, as it helps maintain your independence, mental health, relationships and memory. Your brain is just like any other muscle in your body, if you don’t use it, it will weaken but if you regularly exercise it and feed it knowledge […]

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