Discover the Cost of Live-in Care & the funding available?

How Burley’s Can Help

Get personalized support right in the comfort of your own home.

We at Burley’s Homecare provide the care and support needed to help you and your loved ones to remain in your own home. Our live in Care service, working alongside you all the way. We take pride in providing a personal service to you and your loved ones. This service is always warm, approachable, and professional. 

We believe in a straightforward, transparent relationship, right from the start. We are also regulated by Care Quality Commission so you know we are someone that you can trust.

Burleys Home Care is honored to have been recognized as one of the top 20 home care providers in the South of England for the past five years by Our team takes pride in delivering exceptional care services. We value feedback and encourage customers, families, and health professionals to leave reviews based on their real experiences with us.

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    Benefits of our live-in care service

    • Personalized attention: You’ll receive one-to-one support from a dedicated carer, ensuring you always have their full attention.
    • Stay in your familiar surroundings: Enjoy the comfort and security of your own home while receiving the additional care you need.
    • Personalized care plan: We create a plan that meets your unique needs and preferences, providing the right amount of assistance.
    • With a carer living with you, you can continue doing what you love. You can still enjoy your hobbies and routines, such as playing games and going to the theater.
    • Spend time with loved ones: Our carers can help you be with family and friends, at home or on outings.

    We support you and your family in all areas of your life, considering everyone’s needs.

    Don’t wait – call today to learn more about live-in care costs and how we can support you.


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    Discover the Cost of Live-in Care & the funding available?

    Is live-in care more affordable than a care home?

    It is difficult to compare residential care home costs to 24 hour live in care at home. The reason for this is because live-in care at home provides personalized care and constant support.

    Before choosing a care home or nursing home, you need to ask, can the facility meet my care requirement?. Additionally, you need to make sure that the care home can also fulfill the needs of all the other residents (care home staff ratio is normally 1 to 10 patents). This doesn’t provide a very personal care experience. Our customers who have tried both options agree that having a live-in carer gives more individualized assistance and needs can be met instantly. 

    For couples, the cost of a care home can start at £1,800 per week (£900 per person per week). In comparison, our live-in care for couples starts at £1,600 per week. Additionally, we train all our live-in carers to support individuals with complex medical conditions.

    Discover more about the conditions we can assist with by selecting the option button.

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    The Fees

    The fee for live in care will remain the same unless the client’s needs drastically alter. We may apply an annual inflation increase, however. Therefore you can plan the costs of care over a period based on the average weekly fee.

    The cost of care covers:

    • Our fully managed service, training and support for our carers to an exceptional level.
    • One to one care in your own home.
    • A dedicated Care Manager to manage your care.
    • A team of consistent regular carers that you are happy with.
    • Occasional waking night time cover.
    • Travel for the carer to and from your home

    Live-in care is also a great option for couples who either both have different care needs or one is now caring for the other but both want to still remain living together. We only charge a small additional fee for the second person requiring care. Having a live-in carer is a perfect option for someone who lives alone. The cost of this option is lower than that of a premium care home.

    Specialist live in care at home

    This care includes all types of care from Companionship as well as more complex needs.

    • Tracheostomy, Catheter, bowel, and stoma care.
    • Live-In Care for Degenerative conditions – like Motor Neuron Disease, Dementia Care
    • Parkinson’s disease and MS.
    • Live in Care for Stroke Care patients
    • Palliative care (end-of-life care). Live-In Cancer care
    • PEG feeding and general gastronomy care
    • Respiratory conditions
    • Live-In Care for Acquired Brain Injury.
    • Couple live in Care

    Our fees include a fully managed service, dedicated carer, the management of your care and a care manager. We guarantee quality services for your peace of mind throughout the entire process. We also can so self managed. 

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    24-Hour Care vs. Live-In Care: Understanding the Difference

    Are you confused about the distinction between 24-hour care and live-in care? Let us break it down for you.

    When it comes to live-in care, only one caregiver is present at any given time. Unfortunately, this means they cannot provide round-the-clock care during the night.

    24-hour carers work in shifts to provide constant care and supervision for your family member. They work both during the day and at night.

    You can rest assured that our dedicated team will always look after your loved one, no matter the hour

    Financing 24-hour care made Easy 

    Discover Your Care Funding Options

    When it comes to financing long-term care, you shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden alone. There are support options available that can help minimize the financial investment required for your chosen care option. You may qualify for social care funding from Local Council healthcare funding from the NHS.

    For families who have to self-fund their care, there are solutions to assist with the costs of live-in care. Consider a Care Fees Annuity, which is an insurance plan that covers care expenses. Alternatively, you can explore an Equity Release scheme to access the value of your assets.

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    Experience the warmth and comfort of Burley's Home

    NHS Continuing Healthcare: Get the Care You Deserve

    In the UK, healthcare is free at the point of delivery. If you have a recognized healthcare needs and receive care in your own home, you may be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding. This program, administered by your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), can provide the financial support you need.

    To determine eligibility, consult your GP for an initial assessment and referral to the CCG. A multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals will then conduct a thorough evaluation of your needs.

    While conditions like dementia may not automatically qualify for NHS funding, it’s always worth investigating. This funding can significantly contribute to the overall cost of care and even cover the full amount in some cases. Keep in mind that funding is reviewed annually, so if your needs decrease due to high-quality care, your funding may be at risk.

    Local Authority Funding: Exploring Social Care Options

    To qualify for home care funded by the Local Authority in England, you must have more than £23,500. In Scotland, the threshold is £26,500. Your local authority will conduct a care needs assessment to determine eligibility, taking into account your individual circumstances. You might have to do a financial assessment to see how your money affects your ability to pay for care.

    Additionally, there may be other forms of local authority funding available, such as council tax exemptions or discounts, attendance allowance, and savings credit. These resources can help reduce the cost of care received at home.

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    Take Control of Your Care: Self-Funding Options

    For those who need to self-fund their care, two popular choices are Care Fees Annuities and Equity Release Schemes.

    A Care Fees Annuity is an insurance policy that helps people pay for their care expenses. It is also called a ‘care fees plan.’ Through an assessment, your current and future health and care needs will be evaluated, and a fee will be determined to cover your weekly care expenses.

    Equity Release schemes empower homeowners aged 90 or older to unlock the value part of their property without selling or moving. This enables you to use your home’s value to pay for care fees or even purchase a care fees annuity.

    Burleys Home Care collaborates with your Financial Advisors. Additionally, we also have a  partnership with a management trust that can support you through the process.

    This organization consists of reliable financial and legal advisors. They specialize in funding private care costs. We can help you get the money you need for home care, giving you peace of mind and expert advice.

    Which type of live in care package is right for me?

    Burleys Home Care has a team of knowledgeable live-in care experts and clinical specialists ready to support you and your family every step of the way. The process begins with a friendly discussion with our care advisors, who will attentively listen to your needs and provide any required information.

    We will then arrange a comprehensive assessment of your needs, taking into account not only your care and support requirements, but also your choices, routines, and preferences. This holistic approach ensures that you can continue living your life the way you always have, supported by the right level of expertise.

    The care specialist conducting the assessment will take the time to truly understand you and your family, creating a tailored care plan that meets all your needs. This care plan will serve as a guide for our carer and other healthcare professionals, ensuring that you receive the necessary care and support whenever you need it.

    You can view some examples of our packages and live in care costs below.

    Live in care at home
    Talk To Us
    Call our expert team or book a free consultation visit to discuss your needs or click below to book a visit, we are here to support you so don't worry if you are not sure of what you need.
    Free Consultation
    One of our experienced team will arrange to visit you to find out what type of care and support you are looking for and discuss the costs associated with Home Care.
    Request A brochure
    Discover the multitude of ways
    we can support your
    loved one in the comfort of their own home all within the
    pages of our free brochures.

    Some Questions

    A live-in carer typically works 6-10 hours a day, while being available on-call for a patient's needs throughout the entire 24-hour period. The true advantage of a live-in carer lies in their extensive knowledge and expertise in providing round-the-clock care.

    This depends on a couple of factors, such as the patient's needs and dietary requirements. Some live-in carers may prefer a fixed food allowance to purchase their specific food, while others choose to eat along with the patient, which fosters a greater bond. The decisions on these matters are usually based on the carer's knowledge and expertise.



    Yes, live-in carers stay overnight to handle occasional wake-ups, but please note they may not be able to support those who wake up frequently during the night. Rest assured, your loved ones will have someone present and available during the night for their occasional needs.


    The answer is no, live-in carers do not necessarily need their own bathroom. They can share with their client if needed. However, it is worth considering providing separate facilities for the carer, especially if the client has a specific condition. This can ensure comfort and ease for both parties involved.

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