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The pros and cons of live in care

If you need extra support to maintain your quality of living but don’t want to give up your home or independence, live in care is an excellent option. Having someone move in with you is a big decision and you should consider it carefully before making a final decision. To help you make the right choice, we’ve put together a quick list of the pros and cons of live in care. 

6 Steps to successfully planning for your retirement

Retirement is a huge lifestyle change that’s not always all about enjoying your golden years basking in all your new-found free time. It can be a psychological struggle as well as a financial one so to ensure you have a happy and successful transition from work to play, we’ve put together a few tips to help you through. 

10 fun ways to get out and about in later life

The professional carers at Burley’s Home Care share 10 fun ways you can stay both physically and mentally healthy in later life, from dance classes to social lunches to dog walking. 

4 Smart ways technology can help you at home

While some may deplore how technology has infiltrated our everyday lives, there’s no denying some inventions are helping us in ways we never before thought possible. We explore four ways technology can both improve your quality of life and extend your independence. 

How to maintain a healthy diet in later life

As we get older and our bodies change, so do our dietary needs. These changing requirements can make it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle, lowering energy levels and leaving us susceptible to illness. So, to help ensure you get a healthy diet in later life, we’ve put together a few tips and pieces of advice. 

Why pets can make great companions for the elderly

Always happy to see you and excellent listeners, 40% of us in the UK own a pet, and for good reason. Pet ownership offers excellent benefits for the elderly.

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