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4 Smart ways technology can help you at home

While some may deplore how technology has infiltrated our everyday lives, there’s no denying some inventions are helping us in ways we never before thought possible. We explore four ways technology can both improve your quality of life and extend your independence. 

1)    Easily call for help with sensors and panic buttons 

One of the main concerns of living alone when we’re older is wondering what will happen if we have a fall or accident and can’t get to the phone to call for help. The development of discreet sensors and panic buttons which can be installed throughout the house essentially elimiate this worry completely. So, you can rest assured that if the cat trips you up, help is just the push of a button away, or if a senor hasn’t detected movement by 10am, it will automatically call for assistance. 

2)    Never forget your medication again 

Automatic pill dispensers are amazingly simple gadgets that can make a massive difference. While it’s normal to forget about your brewing cup of tea or the time of your favourite TV show, they have no real consequences. However, forgetting whether you have taken your medication or not can have serious repercussions. That’s where the automatic pill dispenser comes into its own. Simply stock the device up with a week or two worth of medicine and it will dispense the right dose on the right day. Clever! 

3)    Video chat lets you stay in touch 

Loneliness is fast becoming a crippling epidemic, with almost 2 million elderly people suffering from the devastating condition in the UK alone. One way technology can help combat this is by keeping less-mobile adults in touch with their loved ones. Video chatting goes a step further than a simple phone call can to connect you to those you love the most as it actually allows you to see the faces of your friends and family – it really is the next best thing to being there in person. 

4)    Take advantage of the internet

Sometimes, no matter how much technology we have, we still need a real helping hand. So, to make sure you are able to maintain your independence and quality of life, use the internet to find and research an experienced, trustworthy and reputable home care provider. You can also then log on to the Care Quality Commission website and to see what the independent reviews say about your chosen home care company. 

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