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Why BHC?

At Burley’s Home Care, many of us have experience of caring for our own relatives. This adds an extra layer of compassion and empathy to our care.

Home care includes:


We can assist with personal care, from washing and shaving to getting dressed for the day or night.


Whether it is running the hoover around or cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, our carers can help.


We are happy to run errands either alongside you or for you when we visit.


Our carers provide a little bit of company, are an ear to listen to and someone to share things with.

Going out &

We can support you in leaving the house to take part in any hobbies or social activities.


Our carers can prepare any and all meals for you to either eat then or later.


Our qualified carers can help with taking medication at the right time.

after pets

We are always happy to help you look after your beloved pet, from walking dogs, to feeding cats.

Home Care Costs

The cost of home care is dependent on how much support is needed and how often it is required. 

If you would like to know a bit more about our prices, get in touch with us. 

Home carer giving out lunch

Areas we cover

We provide home care across Dorset, Hampshire & Wiltshire. Areas include:

Home Care vs. Care Homes

Staying at home when you or a loved one needs care is an option with Burley’s Home Care, no matter how much support is needed. By staying at home you will benefit from the following: 

Home Care Care Home
You can receive bespoke care in your own home
You have control over what support you get and when you get it
You will receive 1-1 care
You can maintain your routines and lifestyle
Your don't have any limits on visitors

How to get started

Talk to us

Call our friendly team to book a free consultation to discuss your's, or your loved one's needs.

Free Consultation

One of our experienced team will visit you to learn more about your's or your loved one's requirements, and discuss our costs.

Match with carer

Once we know what level of care you need, we’ll pair you with a carer that matches your needs and personality.

Recent feedback

"Very happy with the care provided. Always goes above and beyond."
P W (Client)
"Excellent service. The carer is incredible always there for any help."
S P (Client)
"I receive excellent care above and beyond the care of duty. The manager excels herself, so cared for."
D E (Client)

Margaret's Story

Our Mum was living on her own and for the most part she was coping ok. However, as she was getting older, she was struggling with a few things around the house. 

We spoke to Burley’s Home Care and were able to create a plan with them where they just went in once a week to help Mum keep the house clean and tidy. 

Mum has gained so much more from her carer though, as not only is the house clean but she has built a lovely friendship with her carer and always looks forward to having her round to have a catch up. It is great because her independence hasn’t been compromised, yet she is getting the assistance she need.  

Relaxing with home carer

Free Home Care Guide