Home Care Services

Home care services that help people to live the life they want!

Sometimes the things we used to do easily can become a little more difficult, such as taking a bath, getting dressed in the morning or using the toilet.

This can feel frustrating, but it shouldn’t stop you getting on with your usual routine.

We support people to do these things so they can continue to live independently and with confidence. 

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Home care services

Is home care suitable for me?

The people we help with home care come from all walks of life. Some are getting older and may need help with meal preparation, taking medication, getting washed or personal grooming. Others may be recovering from an operation or an injury and need someone to help look after them while they recuperate at home.

We prefer not to be too prescriptive with the types of activity we can help with, but instead to be guided by you. Perhaps you can cope with tasks around the home but need support in running errands or attending appointments, or you find light housework gets on top of you and you need an extra pair of hands. We are always happy to help.

Our care plans are flexible and built entirely around you and your needs, so whether you just need a brief half an hour or a longer visit several times a day, our highly trained carers are on hand.

What are the benefits of home care?

Home care can completely transform your way of life, giving you control over your life and the ability to continue living in your own home. We take pride in being able to accommodate any request, bringing you a range of benefits:

  • Improvement in your physical and mental wellbeing.
  • The independence to live the life you want, choosing your own routine.
  • Your care will be adapted as your needs change over time.
  • We’ll keep in touch with healthcare professionals to ensure we deliver the right care for you.
  • The reassurance of a detailed care plan and care records to refer to.
  • Peace of mind for loved ones in knowing you are well looked after.
Home care services
Home care service

The Burley’s approach

We know that arranging care is a big decision that can be worrying, and you may have lots of questions. Our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to provide you with information and advice so that you can make the right choice for you and your loved ones.

Our years of knowledge and experience are what makes the difference for our clients. Sometimes you need a little extra support from people you can trust to ensure can stay safe and well looked after in your own home.

At Burley’s, many of us have personal experience of caring for our own relatives, and we are passionate about providing high quality care services for every client we see.

For more information on home care or advice on what’s best for you, call our friendly team on 0345 512 0022.