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Home Help For The Elderly

It’s perfectly natural that, at some point, elderly parents may start to struggle with everyday tasks. Maybe you find yourself in a position where you’re unable to provide assistance, or perhaps you live too far away to help. There are varied care options tailored to make life easier for older people living independently. Our services are reliable, flexible and highly-personalised, prioritising our Clients’ interests and keeping their heart where it belongs.

If this is the case you may have considered organising elderly home help services for your parents, but where do you start organising day-to-day care at home? Read on below for a few pointers…

Where to start

Here at Burleys Home Care we are here every step of the way to support the journey into home care. It’s important we all work together and explore how our services would assist but we do acknowledge that parents may be resistant to the change and reluctant to accept the help and support we can provide. If this is the case we have produced a guide to break down how our services could be of benefit.

Once your parents are on board the next step is have one of our lovely care managers come to visit and chat to them about their needs and requirements. It always helps if a family member can be there as well for input and will help you better understand the level of help your parent requires.

The care manager will prepare a care plan covering support needs and daily routines to support Mum and Dad to remain living independently. The care plan may also identify ideas for home adaptations that can make your parent’s lives slightly easier.

There may be areas where more support is required but the aim is always to promote independence skills for each individual.


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What kind of help can home carers provide?

The reluctance to accept the need for home care is understandable, the initial concern is always about the loss of independence and it can be an emotive subject to address but when it comes to support at home this couldn’t be further from the truth. It may be that your parent are at the start of their journey and only need to us as friendly face/befriending service and they may only need assistance with household chores – things that may have become tricky to stay on top of as they’ve grown older – such as:

  • Cleaning
  • Preparing meals
  • Shopping

Whether you live far or just a around the corner of your loved ones by using our befriending services to build up trusting relationships with our qualified caregivers and receiving practical support and invaluable companionship, we believe gives you back time quality time with your family members, time which is priceless.


All our Care givers receive ongoing training and are matched with our clients to support relationship building, positive interactions which support them to engage clients in meaningful activities.

Carers can also provide more personal care and support if needed, and help with things like:

  • Washing and dressing 
  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Delivering and unpacking shopping
  • Medication

Finally, carers are also able to provide support for your parents to maintain contact with friends and social groups. This can include help with tasks such as:

  • Sitting and having a cup of tea and a chat
  • Helping with a lift to a day centre
  • Making sure they can still attend hobbies/ classes/ groups

Depending on the results of the care needs assessment, home caregivers should be able to provide tailored help that your parent needs. It’s also common for family members and carers to work together to deliver care, helping everyone involved to take a break.

Mrs W's Story

Mrs W had everything under control in her daily life, except for one thing – shopping. Walking to the store and bringing groceries home was becoming harder for her. The thought of moving to a Care Home because she couldn’t shop on her own made her feel worried.

Mrs. W’s son contacted Burleys Home Care to arrange weekly visits for Mrs. W s grocery shopping assistance. She received assistance to ensure she had all the necessary items. We put together a list the foods Mrs W like and dislike, which she managed her with her meal prepare.

Slowly but surely, Mrs W’s confidence started to return. The worry of leaving her home for Care Home began to fade away.

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to peace of mind – Mrs W’s experience proves that help is at hand.

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Why is it so importance have a regulated care provider?

Being a regulated company is essential for Home Care providers. Here are some of the reasons why:

Firstly, a regulated company ensures that the care provided is of a high standard and meets the necessary requirements. The company has been inspected and approved by a regulatory body. This provides assurance that the care provided is safe, effective, and compassionate.

Secondly, a regulated company provides peace of mind. This is beneficial for both the care recipient and their family members. You can trust that the care provider is regulated and will provide the best possible care for your loved one. This reduces any stress or anxiety we may feel about arranging care.

Thirdly, a regulated company provides accountability and transparency. If there are any issues with the care provided, a regulated company has a clear complaints process. This process can be followed to address any concerns. This ensures that any issues are dealt with efficiently and effectively.

Pensioners in the UK may be eligible for various benefits, including Pension Credit, which consists of Guarantee Credit and Savings Credit. Additionally, they could receive benefits such as a Free TV Licence, Council tax reduction, Housing benefit, Cold Weather Payment, and Winter Fuel Payment form Information Click

Pensioners in the UK can receive assistance during cold weather through the Cold Weather Payment scheme. If the average daily temperature is 0°C or below for seven consecutive days, eligible individuals, who claim income-related benefits like Income Support, Universal Credit, or Pension Credit, may receive £25 from the government.

Answer: Carers of elderly individuals in the UK may qualify for Carer's Allowance, receiving £76.75 per week if they provide at least 35 hours of care weekly. To be eligible, the carer must not earn more than £132 per week after tax, and the person being cared for should be receiving qualifying benefits such as PIP, DLA, or Attendance Allowance.

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