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Round-the-clock care from a dedicated carer who lives with you in your home.

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What is Live-in Care?

At Burleys Home Care, we understand the significance of home—the place where hearts belong. Our in-home care services offer unparalleled support, companionship, and care. They allow you or your loved ones to remain in the comfort of home while receiving the necessary care.

Live-in care is when a trained carer lives with you. They provide 24/7 support that is customized to your specific needs. Our live-in carers offer high-quality care for your personal needs, health, companionship, and housekeeping. This enables you to maintain your independence.

At Burleys Home Care, we understand that live-in care is not just about meeting physical requirements; it’s about fostering a nurturing environment where you can thrive. Our carers are meticulously trained to offer support in various areas, creating a comprehensive care plan that prioritizes your comfort and individual preferences.

6 Benefits of Live-in Care:

Choosing live-in care offers a range of advantages, allowing you to receive 24/7 support without leaving the home you love. Some key benefits include:

  1. Flexible Support: Tailored care that adapts to your needs, offering as much or as little support as required.
  2. Maintain Hobbies and Routines: Continue enjoying your favorite activities and routines, from socializing to pursuing hobbies.
  3. Friendly Companionship: Our carers not only provide assistance but also become supportive companions, ensuring you never feel isolated.
  4. Enjoy Your Own Home: Revel in the benefits of being in your familiar surroundings, surrounded by cherished memories and possessions.
  5. Choose When to See Loved Ones: Maintain connections with family and friends, who can visit or be visited with the support of your carer.
  6. Avoiding Change: Live-in care provides additional support while allowing your daily life to remain consistent, minimizing the stress of moving.

What Do Live-in Carers Do?

Live-in carers from Burleys Home Care go beyond conventional expectations. While they address essential tasks like personal care, mobility support, and medication assistance, they also

Live in care includes:


Our carers can help with showering, getting dressed, shaving, brushing hair and much more.


We can help with any chores around the house, such as hoovering and cleaning kitchens and bathrooms.


Sometimes running errands can be difficult, so our carers are happy to run any errands that need doing.


No-one should be lonely, and our live in carers will always be someone to talk to and share things with.

Going out &

Our carers can help with the practicalities of getting out of the house so you can feel confident when going out.


Carers can assist with meal preparation for every meal of the day.


We can help manage prescriptions and support you in making sure you take medication at the right times.

after pets

From walking dogs to feeding fish, our carers can help you to look after your beloved pet.

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How much do live in carers cost

The live in care costs varies depending on individual circumstances. Burleys Home Care offers competitive rates starting from £1,599 per week for a single person or £1,839 per week for a couple. We believe these rates provide exceptional value, especially for couples, ensuring independence and a continued quality of life at home.

Live in care costs vary, depending on the care needed and whether you choose managed or self-managed care.

Specialized care for those who need it most

Our Specialist Care Service offers top-quality care for clients with ongoing or complex medical needs. Our dedicated care teams work alongside occupational therapy-led care to ensure constant improvement in our clients’ health outcomes.

Our highly-trained and compassionate live-in carers provide specialized support for individuals living with conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis. Our goal is to enhance their quality of life and empower them to thrive in the comfort of their own homes.

We provide exceptional support for a wide range of conditions and care needs, including dementia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis (MS), stroke aftercare, Alzheimer’s disease, mobility and frailty, palliative and end-of-life care, and cancer.

Live in Care vs. Care Homes

Looking for full-time, 24 hour home care can be overwhelming and confusing, and it can feel like a care home is the only option. But with Burley’s Home Care, having help at home is an alternative with the following the benefits: 

Live In Care Care Home
You can receive 24 hour care in your own home
You can decide when and what you want to eat
You will have 1-1 care from a dedicated carer
You can keep your routines and lifestyle
You won't have to limit visits from family and friends
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Why Choose Burleys Home Care?


  1. Kind and Compassionate: Our carers are chosen for their friendly and empathetic qualities.
  2. Directly Employed: All carers are employed directly by us, maintaining consistent high standards.
  3. Expertly Trained and Vetted: Rigorous training and DBS checks ensure our carers are well-prepared for their roles.
  4. Fully Regulated: As a CQC-regulated service, we adhere to the highest standards in home care.
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"Burley’s Home Care is a family run, award winning, care agency providing care services across Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. We specialise in premium personalised care at home for the elderly and other adults who have home care requirements. What sets us apart from other providers is the passionate emphasis we place on truly holistic care which fully meets the needs, wants, and wishes of our clients. We pride ourselves on being different and are committed to giving our clients high quality of care delivered in a compassionate and dignified way."

Recent feedback

"Very happy with the care provided. Always goes above and beyond."
P W (Client)
"Excellent service. The carer is incredible always there for any help."
S P (Client)
"I receive excellent care above and beyond the care of duty. The manager excels herself, so cared for."
D E (Client)

Arthur's Story

Our dad has dementia, he was living at home on his own and wasn’t coping very well. We don’t live locally to be able to help, with one of us being in Scotland and one of us in America. 

We did have home carers going in during the day, but this just wasn’t enough support for what he needed. So, we contacted Burley’s Home Care.

After the consultation with our dad, they matched him with a live in carer. Dad has settled into this new set up really well. The carer does everything for him, from helping to get him dressed, to cleaning and cooking. They even liaise with medical professionals. 

We can now feel confident from a far, knowing that everything is being taken care of, and Dad is being well looked after.

Paul with his live in carer

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