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Ringwood home care company celebrates third year as one of the best providers in the UK

Burley’s Home Care has been named as one of the top 20 home care groups in the UK for the third year running, as part of the Home Care Awards for 2020. 

Burley’s Home Care and Covid-19

At Burley’s Home Care the safety of our staff and clients is paramount and we have introduced new measures and carried out reviews on a daily basis to ensure we remain responsive to people’s needs and can continue to provide high levels of home care.

Smartwatches to detect early signs of dementia

Alzheimer’s Research UK has teamed up with a number of other organisations and launched a global initiative that’s set to revolutionise the early detection of dementia. 

Pioneering dementia dogs scheme is changing people’s lives

A pioneering scheme in Scotland, called the Dementia Dog Project, has seen fantastic results with their highly trained dogs who provide emotional, practical and social support to those living with dementia.

Government pledge to reduce the number of lonely people

The government’s recent ‘Loneliness Annual Report January 2020’ outlines plans to combat the growing number of lonely people in the UK. 

Elderly at risk of major muscle loss after just two weeks of inactivity

New research by the University of Liverpool has found that just two weeks of reduced physical activity causes a major loss in muscle strength. 

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