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5 Tips for Beating the January Blues

Many elderly people experience feelings of depression and limitation during the winter months. Our friendly team has some top tips for combatting the winter blues.

January can be a tough month for everyone, after all, Christmas is over, people are back at work and your bank account may have taken a hit. However, there is another reason why January can be a particularly difficult time of year, especially for the elderly – namely the winter blues.

Our team of experienced and compassionate home carers are here to provide you or your loved one with whatever level of support you require during this time, to help beat the symptoms of winter blues. Call us today to discuss your requirements with a friendly member of our team.


What are the winter blues?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is caused by a lack of exposure to natural sunlight during the winter months when daylight hours are much shorter. Whilst this disorder can affect anyone, the elderly tend to feel the effects more acutely, because they often have much less contact with loved ones and may have limited mobility. It is therefore important that you take extra care of your elderly loved one during the winter months, as they can often feel the most isolating.


Stay active

During winter, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to stay active. However, it is incredibly important that we keep our bodies moving to the best of our ability to avoid weight gain and feelings of lethargy.


Go outside when you can

Seasonal Affective Disorder is caused by a lack of exposure to sunlight. It is therefore important that you head outside as often as you can to catch those rays. Heading out into the cold can be daunting for many elderly people, so it’s important to encourage them and lend them the support they need.


Eat healthily

Eating healthily can have a massive impact on our overall mood and ensuring that your loved one is eating correctly is an excellent way of combatting the January blues. If an elderly relative could do with a hand, our team of home carers can help by doing the shopping for them and even preparing delicious healthy meals to keep them feeling on top!


Wrap up warm

I think most of us would agree that January is often cold, wet and depressing. The cold can negatively impact the elderly more than other demographics, so it’s very important to ensure that they’re wrapped up warm whenever they leave the house and that their home is a comfortable temperature. 


Spend time with loved ones

Nothing beats spending time with the people you love. If you suspect that your elderly relative is feeling under the weather in the wake of all that family time at Christmas, make sure that you pay them regular visits to help keep loneliness at bay.

Burley’s Home Care is here to offer you and your loved one the support you need to fight off the winter blues. Whether you’re looking for assistance at home, support with medication, or simply a friendly face to visit every now and then, we are on hand to meet all your home care requirements. Don't hesitate to contact us today!