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Alzheimer’s Research UK reveals shocking statistic

A nationwide poll commissioned by Alzheimer’s Research UK has revealed that nearly half of adults in the country can’t name a single type of dementia.


Eye-opening results


This startling statistic reveals that there is still wide-spread ignorance regarding the causes of dementia, with 57% unable to name the most common cause of the condition, Alzheimer’s. Chief executive of Alzheimer’s Research UK, Ian Wilson, said: “The eye-opening results from this survey show that while many people recognise Alzheimer’s disease as a cause of dementia, and 92 per cent associate memory loss with the condition, far fewer can name other forms of dementia or the wide range of symptoms they bring.” Indeed, only 11% knew it could cause visual disturbances, such as blind spots and double vision, while just 34% recognised that hallucinations are also a symptom. 


New campaign launched


The survey comes as Alzheimer’s Research UK and Ricoh unveil a powerful new awareness campaign as part of their ongoing work with Dementia Uncovered, which was launched in 2017. Designed to educate the public about the effects and causes of the disease, the new campaign includes a series of films that follow the everyday lives of four dementia patients, each with a different type of the condition. The films also include incredible research into new treatments and the scientists behind them, as well as explore the various ways the disease can affect people. 


The impact of dementia


About the campaign, Mr Wilson said: “Dementia Uncovered shows the many impacts of dementia on everyday life, including trouble judging distances, finding words, hallucinations and falls. It is these symptoms that can have the most devastating impacts on people’s lives and it’s important that people realise the condition is far more than just memory loss.”

David Mills, chief executive officer of Ricoh Europe, said he is “proud of this new campaign and hope that it will challenge common misconceptions around dementia and provide a powerful insight into the lives of people with the condition and scientists striving to find ways to prevent, treat and cure these debilitating diseases.”


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