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Burley's Commemorate Health Care Workers with a Window Display

To commemorate 100 years since Armistice Day and the end of World War I, we have created a window display that illustrates our support for all the nurses and care workers that have been helping others throughout history and today.

Recognising the extraordinary work of all health and care workers

We feel that all nurses, care, and support workers should be recognised for their hard work and the time and effort they have given over their years of service. As such, whilst we commemorate all those who gave their lives in conflict to ensure our freedom today, we also take a moment to remember the extraordinary work of the women who cared for those injured both physically and mentally as a result of the war, saving many more lives in the process.

Nursing during World War I was exhausting, often dangerous work, and the women who volunteered for the service experienced the horrors of war first hand. Some even paid the ultimate price, and their full contribution often goes unrecognised.

The end of the First World War saw millions of service personell around the world return to civilian life. Governments, charities, families and individuals attempted to support, rehabilitate and reintegrate those who had served through medical treatment and social care. From this environment is where the NHS and Social Care was born and continues to this day.

Despiet living in 2018, we still want to recognise the wonderful work that all health care staff acheived back then and are still doing to this day to ensure that people are kept safe, well cared for, and are given daily provisions to ensure that their quality of life is preserved.

The team at Burley's Home Care would like to thank all staff that work within the health and social care sector - we salute you!