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Burley’s Home Care and Covid-19

Burley’s Home Care and Covid-19

The developing Coronavirus pandemic has created an unprecedented situation across the world. At Burley’s Home Care the safety of our staff and clients is paramount and we have introduced new measures and carried out reviews on a daily basis to ensure we remain responsive to people’s needs and can continue to provide high levels of home care.

Protecting our clients and staff

We have made sure all our staff are practising effective handwashing and we have provided sanitising hand gel where possible too. We keep in touch with all our staff on a daily basis to manage prevention practices and we also take the opportunity to remind clients and their family members of hygiene requirements whenever we speak to them.

Know the signs

People with pre-existing health conditions and people over 70 are considered at higher risk from coronavirus. We should all be staying at home, and only leaving to shop for basic necessities, collect medications or to take one form of gentle exercise, such as walking.

It may be possible for neighbours, relatives or community volunteers to help you with shopping or prescription collection. If so, make sure you do not touch them and that you wash your hands after taking delivery of your items.

If you develop a fever or a persistent cough (coughing a lot for more than an hour, or three or more episodes of coughing in 24 hours), do not leave your house. If you need support you can call 111 for advice.

Stay active

Although it difficult when you cannot get out of the house very much, it’s important to stay active if you can. Get up every hour or so to make a drink or a snack, and take a short walk or do some stretches if you can.

Keep in touch with friends and loved ones, you could write letters or make calls. Read books and do puzzles too – exercise for the brain is just as good as exercise for the body!

We are continuing to develop our response as the situation evolves for the protection of staff and clients. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact us on 01425 470411.