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Impossible puzzles help us understand dementia

Five puzzles that are unsolvable have been created to help the public understand how someone with dementia may feel.

Evokes the feelings of dementia

Created by Dementia Trust UK and dementia expert, nurse and author, June Andrews, the tests appear simple at first, for example, solving a memory game, but have been designed to set you up to fail. The intention is to replicate the experience and feelings someone who is living with dementia goes through daily, such as confusion, irritation, frustration and anger, in order to create more understanding and empathy.

The tests include a confusing questionnaire, an unfair reading comprehension quiz and impossible image recognition test. Following each, there is a short explanation of the situation and the feelings this evokes in a patient with dementia.

June Andrews advises that those supporting or caring for someone with dementia should try to avoid creating the emotions evoked in the tests; "don’t ask questions if you can avoid it. Don’t correct things that don’t matter. Do everything in your power to avoid bringing to the attention of the person with dementia that they are failing a mental challenge, as this only makes their life harder than it needs to be.’" To try the puzzles yourself, click here.

What is dementia?

Dementia is a broad term for a range of diseases that attack certain parts of the brain and cause a number of symptoms. These symptoms commonly include memory loss, confusion, changes in mood and difficulty completing day to day tasks.

Dementia affects 850,000 people in the UK alone, with 600 developing the condition every day and while it is more likely to affect those over 65, it can develop in young people too.

The cause of dementia is unknown and there is currently no cure but there are ways to help manage the condition with certain medication, staying active and participating in group activities. 

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