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What are the benefits of live in care?

Live in care can give you consistency and value for money, but it’s also the most reliable way to ensure to your loved one has safety and comfort. There are plenty of reasons that live in carers are favoured, so read on for our top advice on why you should invest in the service.

Peace of mind

A live in carer staying with your loved one through the night can ease your mind like little else. There are huge safety benefits that come with having someone in the next room at all times, and it’s a weight off the mind of both the person receiving care and their family.

Care continuity

Live in care makes it possible for someone receiving care to have consistent, reliable service tailored to them and their needs. Live in care gives your loved one the same carers and a continuity of care.

Stay at home

Live-in carers enable your loved ones to maintain their previous lifestyle. There’s no need for reduced independence or a new community; your loved ones can continue their routine for longer, and even keep pets close with them.

Cost effective

All things considered when live in care comes at a reasonable price, your loved one will receive far better care from a live in service than in a residential home. This can work out at much better value too, especially if you’re seeking a live in care package for a couple.

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