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Why home care is important following discharge from hospital

According to a new report by the British Red Cross, too many people are being discharged from hospital without being equipped to handle their own care needs at home.

The charity stated that too many people were “falling through the gaps” and were not receiving the support or advice they needed to adapt to life outside of hospital. Especially for those with altered physical circumstances, doing something that was originally easy, like climbing the steps to their front door and going upstairs to bed or use the toilet, can become a massive challenge and source of stress.

The report, titled ‘Home to the unknown: Getting hospital discharge right’, stated that discharging patients without making sure they would have enough support whilst at home made people “vulnerable” to being readmitted to hospital in future.


How home care can aid your recovery


One of the most frequent problems encountered by patients once discharged from hospital is the radical change from having first-class hospital care 24/7, to nothing at all at home. Arranging home care for yourself or a loved one during the recovery period following discharge from hospital can therefore prove invaluable in reducing stress and bridging the gap between care at hospital and at home.

Our professional home carers can help you adapt to your new situation at your own pace, giving you the support you need when you need it. Our care packages are totally flexible, ranging from occasional welfare checks through to full-time live in care. We can meet all complex care needs, ranging from acquired brain injuries to physical injury. Don’t hesitate to contact us to talk to a friendly member of our home care team.