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Why it’s important to look after your own health as a carer

Looking after someone else’s health 24/7 can mean that you don’t take the necessary time to look after your own needs and wellbeing. Especially for those who are not trained carers, the time and dedication that goes into providing care for a loved one with dementia, physical or learning disabilities can be physically and mentally exhausting; it’s perfectly natural to feel overwhelmed and need to separate yourself at times.

It’s important to recognise that having these feelings and taking time to focus on your own health and needs every once in a while is not selfish and will actually help you provide better care for your loved one in the long-term.

How respite care can help family carers

Respite care provides the perfect solution for private carers who need some personal time away to care for their own mental wellbeing, take a holiday, or simply run errands. Not only does respite care give you necessary time away from care responsibilities, it also can also provide your loved one with a change as well and an opportunity to meet new people.

Our respite care in the South is totally flexible; following an assessment, we will match your loved one with the perfect carer for their needs. Don't hesitate to contact our team of experienced carers today for more information regarding respite care and how it can help you.