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Why preserving independence is important

Independence is important for a lot of our elderly clients, as it gives them a feeling of control when other aspects of their life may be changing. Here are 3 reasons why preserving independence is important when providing care for the elderly.


Care can seem like a step backwards


For many of us, living alone for many years and then having to go back to being taken care of seems like a huge step backwards. Many elderly people struggle with the knowledge that they need help carrying out certain tasks, having been independent for so long.

We understand that independence is important for everyone, which is why our home care for the elderly values each client’s independence and is tailored accordingly to be as unobtrusive as possible.


Clients want to remain in their own home


Most seniors have an attachment to their home that they may have lived in for decades and being removed and placed in a care home can be stressful and strip them of  their feeling of independence and control. 

We understand that remaining at home is incredibly important to a number of elderly clients, which is why we provide our elderly care in the comfort of your own home. Regardless of whether you need assistance with shopping or medication, a member of our qualified and friendly team is on hand to help you continue living independently.


Independence provides purpose


In many respects, independence represents our ability to make choices that affect ourselves and therefore provides a sense of purpose. When our independence is removed, it can generate feelings of worthlessness, anxiety and depression, especially for the elderly, who may also feel like a burden to family members. These negative feelings can have an impact on an elderly client’s health. Alternatively, preserving independence during care promotes feelings of pride, as well as provides stimulation that keeps both mind and body active and engaged.

Our caregivers give elderly clients the control and understanding they need to retain their independence. Our care at home service provides elderly clients assistance with whatever they require, as little or as much as they require it. For more information about Burley’s Home Care, contact us today on 01425 470411.


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