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Working as a Home Carer with Burley’s

Are you looking to start a career in care? Or maybe you already work in a care environment and would like to improve your knowledge and skills?

Working in home care is a rewarding experience; from supporting our clients to get through their day safely and without hassle to helping them get ready and go to a family wedding – no two days are ever the same! There’s no typical mould you must fit into, being a home carer is all about your own life experience, your personality and what you want to get out of the role.


Do I need qualifications to be a home carer?

Some people join us with no experience at all. To join the Burley’s team as a home carer or support worker you don’t need to have specific qualifications. You will have your own tailored training programme from the day you start and your own experienced mentor, someone who has been there and done it!


What makes a good home carer?

Although you aren’t required to have qualifications to be a home carer, there are some personal characteristics that are beneficial:

  • Good Listener – the people you care will for need to talk to you about how they are feeling. You will meet so many different people, all with different stories to tell, and it’s important that you can listen and allow them to keep their memories alive
  • Compassionate – it is important that our carers are compassionate as it helps to ensure that the client's needs and feelings are completely understood and can be catered to accordingly.
  • Empathetic – you need to be able to show an understanding of someone else’s feelings and appreciate their point of view
  • Patient – you must be happy to work at someone else’s pace, supporting them to live a safe, healthy and happy life


Why should I work for Burley’s?

We'll always give you the time and resources you need to make a difference to the lives of those you work with. There are also many benefits to working with us including:



If you are interested in pursuing a career as a home carer with Burley’s, get in touch with us today! Call us on 01425 470411 or you can send us a message here.