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We Will Not Forget


As we at Burley’s Home Care prepare to commemorate those who gave their lives in conflict, we also take a moment to remember the extraordinary work of the women who cared for those injured both physically and mentally, saving many more lives.


Nurses were deployed to work in a variety of settings both at home and closer to the front lines, many working in horrific conditions treating untold wounded and injured soldiers. 

Nursing During The First World War

Nursing in The First World War was exhausting and often dangerous work. The women who volunteered experienced the horror of war first hand, some paying the ultimate price and their full contribution often goes unrecognised.

Currently the Imperial Museum in London have put together the stories of one of our nursing heroes; Edith Cavell, who was a British nurse working in German-occupied Belgium during the First World War.

During the war Edith helped hundreds of British, French and Belgium soldiers, treating them, sheltering them and helping to guide them to the borders. This activity ultimately resulted in her arrest and sentencing to death. Read more about Edith’s story here.

The Beginning of Social Care


At the end of The First World War, we saw the demobilisation and return to civilian life of millions of service personnel around the world. Governments, charities, families, and individuals attempted to support, rehabilitate, and reintegrate those who had served through financial & medical equipment provision and social care.

We will not Forget

 Now in 2022 we still want to recognise the wonderful work that all the nursing staff did back then and are still doing to this day ensuring that people are kept safe and well cared for and are given daily provisions to ensure their quality of life is preserved.


At Burley’s Home Care would like to thank all the staff that work within the health and social care sector and would like to say WE WILL NOT FORGET.

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