Carer and service user having a cup of tea

One of the questions we ask our applicants at interview is how they manage stress. We all show our stress in different ways, not sleeping, irritability, perhaps drinking more than usual and we all de-stress differently.  Some people like to exercise, others a hot bath and a book some a wind down with a glass of wine and some mindless TV but de stressing is key for us all.

The job can be stressful but at the end of the day we go home and have the opportunity to switch off and de stress.

For the families that support their loved ones at home they cannot switch off, it is a 24./7 role they commit to and for them its important they recognise when they need to step back. You can’t keep giving when you have nothing left in the pot to give.


Recognising the signs of stress and burn out for families caring for loved ones is as important as us recognising it in our staff. Organisations such as Burleys Home Care can provide that support for families to have the time to destress knowing family members are safe in our hands.

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