Why become a home carer?

Becoming a home carer or live in carer is an extremely rewarding experience. On this page, some of the members of our care team have outlined what made them pursue a career in care.

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Why become a home carer

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Home carer

“I started working at Burley’s Home Care a couple of years ago. I had been working in a care home for a number of years and felt that I wanted a change and to work in the community instead of being in just one place all the time. 

Burley’s Home Care fully supported me into my role and I was also able to study for my NVQ level 3. which I completed whilst working. Paul and Carly have always been very supportive of any qualifications or career progression. I now have the best of both worlds, supporting people and then working one day a week in the office to help with the scheduling team.”

“I really enjoyed working with children for a number of years before I became a home carer. I saw an advert for a care worker position also offering an NVQ and training program and felt compelled to apply. In my interview, I was told what the training program involved and that I would have a mentor to support me.

On my first day I was introduced to the lovely lady who was going to support me through my training and I felt really relaxed and excited to get started. I’ve met some amazing people and people that I would never have met in any other job. One of my favourite days was taking one of my clients on a shopping trip to buy an outfit for a family wedding. I also helped them get ready on the day which was very special.”

Home carer
Why be a homecarer

“I have recently started as a domiciliary carer for Burleys Home Care and I would like to say how rewarding I am finding the position. I retired from the corporate world last year and find working as a home carer so refreshing and a complete change of pace. The work is all about caring for others and I’m enjoying being in the position of being kind and helpful at this stage of my life. 

My job as a home care worker is made easier by the support given to me by my managers. They are always available by phone and to help me with any problems I come across, no matter how small. I can highly recommend them and that you give home care a try!”

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