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Information on Care Benefit Entitlement


When considering funding, it’s worth looking into potential care benefit entitlement to help you manage the costs involved. The team at Burley’s can help to identify whether you may be entitled to this kind of invaluable support.

Benefits can be a great help when arranging home care and are often not affected by income. It’s important that you claim the benefits you are entitled to, otherwise you might end up paying more than necessary.


Personal Independence Payment 

Is for people aged between 16 and 64 (formerly known as Disability Living Allowance) is tax-free and is not dependent on what level of income or savings you have. Both of these benefits have two parts: one is a daily living component which you can receive if personal care is needed, and the other is a mobility component for help in getting around.


Attendance Allowance

A person may be eligible to receive Attendance Allowance if they are aged 65 or over and have a disability or illness which requires personal care, or they need supervision, so their safety is not compromised. The financial support you receive may depend on the level of care that is needed.


Carers Allowance

It’s not only those in care that are entitled to benefits. Carers should see if they are able to claim too. A Carer’s Allowance may be offered if a carer spends more than 35 hours caring for someone and earns £110 a week or less. With a Carer’s Allowance, it’s important that the person you care for is also receiving benefits. If you don’t qualify for Carer’s Allowance, you may still be able to receive Carer’s Credits. Burley’s can help you to find out more about the requirements for this and determine if you are entitled to this support.


Supplementary Welfare Allowance

This allowance may also be received by eligible individuals who have little or no income, and you could also be entitled to council tax exemptions if you’re receiving benefits.

For more advice and information on care benefit entitlement, please contact us.