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Promoting Independence


We actively promote the independence of all our home care clients, so that they can continue to live life as close to their normal routine as possible. 

Our carers know the value that preserving independence can have for both mental and physical health, which is why we do our utmost to provide an unobtrusive home care service that fully respects the individual wishes of our clients.


Our home care helps promote independence


Our home care service allows our clients to receive the support that they need in the comfort of their own home. Even if an individual requires near 24 hour support, being in a familiar setting will give them more confidence and autonomy than being in a care home and will make them feel more independent.

Whilst care homes can also provide an excellent quality of care, for preserving independence there is no better choice than care at home. This is because carers are entering the client’s space, giving them control, rather than the other way around.


Promoting independence keeps the mind and body active


Independence is important for everyone, especially the elderly, who have gone through life looking after themselves for many years. It can be very stressful realising that you are unable to look after yourself effectively anymore and losing your independence can feel like a huge step backwards.

We know that promoting the independence of our clients is essential in keeping them not only physically active but mentally more aware and engaged in the world around them. Loss of independence has been associated with depression, anxiety and in the worst cases, a loss of will to live, which is why preserving independence is at the top of our carers’ agenda.


Our home care gives you control over your care


Our home care is totally adaptable to the needs of each client’s requirements, providing as little or as much care that is required. Some clients will need more home care assistance than others, but what they all have in common is the respect we afford them.

Our expert carers do not overstay their welcome and respond to each client on an individual basis, doing as little or as much that is asked of them so that the client feels in control of the situation and never feels like their independence is reduced in any way.

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