Why become an in-home carer?

With so many different career paths to choose from, we wanted to give you a feel for why we believe you should consider a career as an
in-home carer.

According to The Centre for Ageing Better, in 2022 there were almost 11 million people in England aged 65 and over, with the English population ageing rapidly. The need for more people to enter caring professions is increasing so why should you consider a job in home care.

We’ve pulled together a list of our top reasons for joining the Burley’s Home Care Team as an in-home carer.

in-home care

The Characters You'll meet

We have some amazing service users, many of which have lovely stories to tell. Working in care means you’ll get to meet some great people; from the teams you work with to the clients you’ll be helping. All of which have stories to share, knowledge to impart and jokes to tell.

If you love people and have time to listen and help, then a choosing a job as an in-home carer could be the ideal position for you. It’s a lifeline to a lot of our service users to have the companionship which is provided by our carer’s visits.

The Feel-Good Factor

Imagine how great you’ll feel knowing that every day you’ve helped someone! Every day you get to put a smile on people’s faces, you help them stay in the homes that they love. Our carers deserve a massive pat on the back for the hard work they put in to making sure our service users are safe, well, happy and looked after in the comfort of their own homes.

It really is a rewarding career choice and although it can be hard work, the positivity you’ll feel knowing that you’ve done some good will outweigh the effort. Knowing you’ve helped someone is a great feeling to come away with at the end of each day.

The feel good factor
You'll get paid to have a cuppa

You Get Paid To Have A Cuppa

OK, so that’s not all you’ll do, but a lot of your job will be about chatting, having a cuppa, helping with the chores, and generally just making sure that the person you are caring for is happy and safe.

No Need For A Gym Membership

You’ll be on the go a lot, so who needs a gym, when you’ll be getting your steps in at work. If you like to keep active, then this is the career for you!

Work Life Balance

We all need the right balance in life and with a career in home care you can work flexibly around the family, your social life, or your hobbies. In a recent study by Aviva they found that work life balance was ranked as the number one priority for employees, over and above salary.

Since the Pandemic we’ve all placed more value of having a balanced life, where we can spend time with our loved ones. Working in care gives you the flexibility to improve your work life balance and is an ideal career choice for fitting around family and friends.

Work life balance
Variety is the spice of life

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Or so they say… well here at Burley’s Home Care we can certainly provide variety with no two days being the same. Maybe not ideal if you like order and routine, but if a bit of variety keeps you on your toes, then you should consider a career in home care.

Personal Development

We’re always honest and yes it can be a challenge at times, working in care. However, we like to think that the better way of looking at it is that it’s a great opportunity to learn new skills, increase your self-confidence and improve your personal development. As well as all the on job training you receive and career development too!

There are so many different aspects to working in home care, we’d be happy to chat through with you, so feel free to contact our team any time and we’ll answer any questions you may have. 

Find out more about what it’s like to work for Burley’s Home Care below.

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