Signs that your elderly parent may need home care

Signs that your elderly parent may need home care

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Getting older is a fact of life and one that most of us can enjoy. However, health conditions can crop up or general old age might take its toll, meaning that they need a little bit more assistance to complete their daily activities.

Yet, it isn’t uncommon for our parents to hide that they need some help and struggle through on their own. Sometimes it can be down to you to figure out that an elderly relative needs some more support and to broach the topic. With this in mind, we wanted to share a few signs to look out for that can be indicators that your parents could do with some home care.

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Neglecting Personal Hygiene

A lack of personal hygiene or desire to keep on top of hygiene could be because your loved one is struggling to do certain tasks.

Whether it be that they have started to go a week at a time without showering or that they no longer care about spilt food on some clothing, this could be a sign that they need help. But pride and embarrassment can get in the way of them asking for it.

Having someone help with personal care is a big step for someone who may not be receiving any other type of care, and it certainly includes a few boundaries being broken down. But a professional carer from a home help agency such as Burley’s will help to eliminate any embarrassment that may be felt.

Our home help for the elderly can provide any type of personal support that may be needed, from showering and getting dressed, to brushing hair and shaving.

Ignored chores and a messy home

Similar to personal hygiene, a loved one stopping house work might be because they are unable to complete it. Or maybe it is no longer a priority to them because looking after each other is the most important thing for them.

But this shouldn’t become a regular part of their life because their environment could impact the quality of life.

A home carer from Burley’s can come in and complete all the household chores that need doing to keep the house in tip top shape. This doesn’t have to take long and doesn’t have to encroach on your loved ones’ space and can be done at a time and frequency that is convenient to them.

Weight changes

While it may seem a little personal, monitoring your loved ones weight can be a good way of keeping an eye on their health in general.

A change in weight could be a sign of an underlying health issue, but it might also be a sign that they aren’t feeding themselves properly. A home help agency can help you to make sure your loved one is getting the right nutrients that they need as our carers can cook meals for them, help them eat and remind them to drink.

Top tip: Don’t just keep an eye out for weight loss or weight gain, look out for a loss of appetite or a decline in energy or strength too as they can also be symptoms of not getting the right nutrients.

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Decline in cognitive state

An increase in memory loss and forgetfulness often gets people thinking the worst, a dementia diagnosis, but this isn’t always the case. As we age it is natural for our mental capacity to decline. There are a few things that might suggest a little extra help is needed at home:

Constantly misplacing things

You might start to notice that your loved one is losing the same thing over and over again, despite the fact that it is actually in a rather obvious place.

Being forgetful has potential to impact their habits and routines. Think about it, if your loved ones keep losing their house keys, they might start isolating themselves at home because they can’t lock the door, or they might worry that they will lose the keys when out and about.

Forgetting where things are constantly could be a sign that they are struggling and need a little more support. Having a carer from a home help agency can provide support for this and help your loved one find whatever it is they are looking for. They might also be able to help your loved one maintain their habits and routines such as going out to meet friends or joining groups as our carers can assist your loved one out and about in the community.

Unpaid bills

Forgetting or ignoring bills is another sign that your loved one needs some support at home. Maybe they no longer remember how to pay a bill or are unsure what the bill is even for.

Our home help for the elderly can provide support to help your loved one figure it all out and keep on top of paying bills. Whether they need a gentle reminder to do it, or they need more assistance to pay the bill, a home carer can help.

Memory Lapses

It isn’t uncommon for an elderly loved one to have spells of forgetfulness or even black out sometimes. This can be concerning because it puts your loved one in danger, especially if they are unaware of what they were doing or where they were.

If you notice that your loved one seems to be blacking out, or even simply forgetting details of what they are doing or where they are, you might want to consider getting some home care.

If you have noticed that your loved one is forgetting something, it is likely that they are forgetting to drink too. As you are probably aware, this can be quite serious as dehydration can result in a number of issues such as fainting and kidney problems.

At Burley’s Home Care we are able to provide care and support however often your loved one might need it, from once a week, to twice a day to a full time live in carer, our home care for the elderly can be there for your loved one.

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We understand that watching a loved one get older can be difficult, and that a loved one might not want to discuss their struggles because they fear losing their independence and their lifestyle, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

A home help agency can provide as much or as little support needed for your loved one to live the way they want.

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