Why choose Burley’s home care in 2023?

Why choose Burley’s home care in 2023?

With the New Year in full swing comes new responsibilities and new goals for 2023 and for many, arranging the right home care for a loved one may be on that list. Following a Spring period, it may have brought to light some of the reasons your loved one may need extra support or care at home. Whether this is permanent or temporary, Burley’s Home Care offers a safe and supportive option for you and your family. 

In this article, we wanted to explain some of the reasons why choosing Burley’s is the best choice.

We provide transparency to our clients

This is a hugely important value to us and we want to ensure that our clients’ families know what’s going on with their loved ones every step of the way. This may be a prescribed change to their medication or what they got up to during the week.

We are also very honest and transparent with our clients too; as we will be in their home, they need to trust us and feel comfortable having someone in their home, so we build this trust at a rate they are happy with.

“I am very happy with the care this service provides for my aunt. They are very reliable and treat her with care and respect. The services they provide for her are in keeping with her needs e.g. take her on a short shopping trip once a week. They are very quick to flag up concerns both with me and with my aunt’s GP with her consent.” – Philip, family member

We’re award-winning

Did you know that we have been awarded as one of the top 20 home care providers for 4 years in a row? You can read more about our awards in a previous article here.

Paul Burley, who set up the company with his wife Carly in 2009, said: “To be named as one of the top 20 home care providers in the South West for the fourth year in a row is absolutely amazing, though I have to admit I’m not surprised! Our team is simply incredible, and I feel very lucky to work with such dedicated and caring professionals on a daily basis. Nothing is ever too much to ensure our clients get the high-quality care they deserve.”

In 2021, we were also finalists in the Great British Care Awards, now that’s an achievement to be proud of!

We’re rated highly by our clients and their families

Speaking of awards, it wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful reviews that our clients and their families leave us.

You can find these on:


Here is one we received from a client… “Burley’s Home Care has provided me with many years of excellent care, and I cannot fault any one of them.”

As a family-run business, we understand the importance of family

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s the importance of family and having the people around us that we care about (albeit at a distance in some cases).

We set up Burley’s Home Care in 2009 as a small business helping a handful of families to support their loved ones and with the help of people like you understanding the need for home care, we’ve grown our business to what it is today.

We are not just a faceless care agency, we are unique, we pride ourselves on delivering a ‘good old fashioned’ level of service you won’t find anywhere else because we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach.

We have very high standards

We take training our staff very seriously here at Burley’s Home Care and only have a skilled workforce who can provide effective care that improves the quality of life. We always follow up-to-date national standards of care as well as giving that extra special ‘Burley’s touch’.

We understand people and what they need

Through the extensive training that we offer, we ensure that every member of our staff has the same values, they must be:

  • Sympathetic
  • Thoughtful
  • Respectful
  • Understanding
  • And able to work as part of a team


These values allow our team to offer our clients the highest level of care whilst also being a friendly face when they need it.

We care

Ok, we know this may sound a little cliche, but it’s true. Our staff care and they stick around with us. They build honest and long-lasting relationships with their clients, so whether we are contracted to visit your loved one once a week or everyday, where possible they will receive a consistent carer who knows them.

This may be something as simple as knowing how they like their tea or what time they eat their dinner without having to ask. It’s the little things that count!

We provide a range of care services for different needs

For every care type we have specialists within that field that know it like the back of their hand. The care services we offer include:

We work with various care needs which include, but are not limited to:

Ready to discuss home care for a loved one?

Hopefully, this article has given you some insight into why Burley’s Home Care would be the right option for your loved ones home care requirements, our team will always be happy to discuss our care services in more detail over the phone and put together a care plan for them that fits around their needs and budget.

Feel free to give us a call on one of the following numbers:

Hampshire: 01425 470411
East Dorset: 01202 348200
Wiltshire: 01722 280112
Live In Care: 0345 512022

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